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Power processing units (PPUs) are circuit devices that convert an electricity input from a utility line into the appropriate voltage and current to be used for the device

AeroVironment power processing systems offers a full range of power processing systems to meet your testing and development needs. AeroVironment's equipment is in use by customers around the world improving the quality of our customer's products.


The markets served by our products include: electric and hybrid vehicles, fuel cells, and energy storage. Any application where a sopisticated electronic load is required will benefit through the use of AeroVironment's technology.



The Weapon of Choice

The ABC-150 is AeroVironment's most widely used dual-channel, bi-directional power station. In use for over a decade around the world, satisfied customers agree that the ABC-150 IS the Weapon of Choice for testing batteries, fuel cells, vehicles, motors and inverters.



The economical test solution

AeroVironment's MT-30 is an effective tool for testing energy storage devices. Bi-Directional, computer control allows any load or supply profile to be run. Dual independent channels double your test capacity. Put this cost competitive test option to work for you!



Heavy duty, high power test system.

AeroVironment's AV-900 has the power you need for heavy duty testing. Hybrid trucks, buses and power station building blocks will benefit from using this test station.


The specialized fuel cell test machine.

Our fuel cell customers asked for it and we supplied it. A uni-directional system designed to develop fuel cell technology.



Expand the performance envelope

The ABC-170 has all of the functionality of the ABC-150 plus much more. When you need to sink more power, the ABC-170 will deliver!


A product for every application.


If you do not see what you are looking for ASK! We build custom cyclers and chargers!




All of AeroVironment's products use the powerful Remote Operation System (ROS) for computer control of the hardware. Easy to use graphical user interfaces make designing tests quick and easy. Use ROS to create custom tests, to execute standard tests or to run recorded duty profiles.


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