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Laser Raman Spectrophotometer Laser Raman Spectrophotometer
Potentiostat/Galvanostat Potentiostat/Galvanostat
Battery Charge/Discharge System Battery Charge/Discharge System
Fluorescence Life Time Particle Size Analyzer
Fluorescence Life Time Fluorescence Life Time
Nanoindenters Nanoindenters
UV VIS Spectrophotometer UV VIS Spectrophotometer
Spectroradiometer Spectroradiometer

Flat Corrosion Cell

Flat corrosion cell,Pt wire working electrode counter electrode & Ag/AgCl Refrence electrode

Cell Stand with Cell Cap

Cell stand with cell cap, glass cell and cell top-3 electrode system for doing Electrochemistry.

Three Neck Corrosion Cell

Three neck Corrosion cell, Pt. wire working electrode Counter electrode& Ag/AgCl Reference electrode


Cell Assembly, Low Volume Liquid Cell for ITO/FTO Electrodes

Low Volume cell where ITO/FTO can be accomodated and provision to insert reference and counter electrodes.

Cell Assembly with Provision for 8 (Hole) ITO

Cell assembly with provision for 8  (hole) ITO, 8 Reference electrode & 8 Counter electrode

Spectroelectrochemical Cell for Solid Electrodes

Spectroelectrochemical cell assembly Reflection mode for opaque Pt. wire working electrode & Glassy Carbon electrode


Simple 10ml Cell with Cell Cap

Glass Cell & Cap Simple 50ml Cell with Cell Cap

Cell for Modified Working Electrode with Common Solution, Reference & Counter Electrode

Upto 8 working electrodes can be used at a time with one reference and counter electrode. For Bio sensing or detecting applications one could very easily find out which electrode give better sensitivity

Coulometry Cell

Coulometry  cell with Pt wiregauze working, Pt flag counter,Ag/AgCl refrence, Pt voltametry electrode


Offline Electrochemical AFM Stand

Stand for electrode for nanoparticles, deposition, polymerization studies etc.

Offline electrochemical AFM stand compatible to nanosurf AFM.

Spectro Electrochemical Cell Setup for Transmission ITO/Pt Foil

Thermo Jacketed Cell


Electrochemical Corrosion Cell for AFM Studies With Reference & Counter Electrode.



Cell for Printed Circuit Electrode

Low volume EC cell for screen printed electrodes.


Platinum Counter Electrode

Platinum counter Electrode

Platinum counter Electrode (high surface area shown in coulomety cell), if you don't have this one can you provide a platinum wire of length at least 12 centimeter


NPN ( SS Plate)


Flat rectangular metal surface that can be used as electrode and stable up to 1.5 V against SCE. (dimension approximately 1.5 cm x 8 cm). 



Glass Cell

Glass Cell Simple 25ml cell

Glass Cell Simple 50ml cell

Pt Wire Guaze Working Electrode

Water Splitting Cell

Cell with provision to put counter, reference and ITO/FTO(sample).This cell has quartz window, thus light from solar simulator can be shined and experiments can be carried.

Specialized cell for doing only photochemical reactions is also available.

Working Electrodes

2 mm dia Gold working electrode

2 mm dia Platinum working electrode

2 mm dia Silver working electrode

3 mm dia Glassy Carbon working electrode

12.5 μm diameter Gold Microelectrode

25 μm diameter Gold Microelectrode

10 μm diameter Platinum Microelectrode

25 μm diameter Platinum Microelectrode


Reference Electrodes


Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode w/ porous Teflon Tip (Ag/AgCl)

Reference (Ag/AgCl) length.80mm OD:6.0mm w Vycor frit

Reference Ag/AgCl) w Vycor frit 4.5mm dia, 5.5cm

Non-Aqueous Ag/Ag+ Reference Electrode w/ porous Teflon Tip Ag/Ag+)

(Non Aqueous Ag/Ag+)length.80mm OD:6.0mm w/vycor frit

Non Aqueous Ag/Ag+ w Vycor frit 4.5mm dia, 5.5cm

Calomel Reference Electrode (SCE)

Mercury/Mercurous Sulfate Reference Electrode

Alkaline/Mercurous Oxide Reference Electrode

Customized Electrodes


Printed Electrodes (3-electrode configuration)

3mm diameter Printed carbon electrode (single working electrode)

Platinum Wire Counter Electrode

Pt flag counter electrode

10 μm diameter Platinum SECM Tip

25 μm diameter Platinum SECM Tip

Electrode Polishing Kit

Polished, Bounded, Mounded 100A Ti + 1000 A Gold Crystal for EQCM

Polished, Bounded, Mounded Pt coated Crystal for EQCM

Polished, Bounded, Mounded Carbon coated Crystal for EQCM

In situ Spectroelectrochemical cell, quartz cell, Pt wire gauze, Pt wire, Ag/AgCl


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