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COXEM is a provider of superb solution in electron microscope with an extensive know-how in nano-metrology. COXEM as the global nanometrology solution provider will supply the great tool to nano technologies industry through the creative innovation

CX-200 Features
The CX-200 SEM is a use full for surface characterization and produces high quality images with 3.0 nm resolution at accelerating voltage, 30kv and working distance, 5mm. It’s magnification is 10X to max. 300,000 X.

The CX-200 is an indispensable tool for various application areas in surface analysis. You can get the great images due to its long depth of focus.

The CX-200 chose auto mode it use auto stepper motor type, micro drive, 19nm resolution. You can check point & position of a specimen.

User Friendly Operation Nano stationTM is the software for CX-200 based on  Microsoft Windows XP and graphic user interface. It is carried out with mouse and keyboard by  menu selection. It can provide a high resolution images at a short time. 

CX-200 Specifications

  • Magnification : X10 ~ X300,000
  • Image  : Secondary electron image(SEI)
  • Resolution : 3.0nm (30KV, SE Image)  10.0nm(3KV, SE Image)
  • Accelerating voltage : 0.5KV ~ 30KV
  • Electron Gun : Tungsten Filament(W)
  • Image Shift : ±50um[WD=10mm]
  • Lens system : 2 condenser lenses, 1 Objective lens,
  • Objective IRIS : Variable aperture with  4 different diameters (30um, 50um, 100um, 200um)
  • Optional Detector

                 - EDS(Energy dispersive spectroscopy)
                 - WDS(Wavelength dispersive spectroscopy)
                 - BSE(Backscattered Electron)

  • Chamber Size  : 210mm diameter
  • Specimen Size : Max. 160mm
  • Auto Stage type : [5 Axis Auto]
  • Auto Movement of X axis: 40mm,
  • Y axis: 65mm, Z axis: 5~65mm
  • Tilt: -20°~90°, Rotation: 360°
  • Vacuum System : [Turbo Pump]Turbo molecular pump[210liters/sec]
    - Max. Effect of vacuum 10 -5 torr
  • Rotary pump[100liters/sec]
    - Max. Effect of vacuum 10 -2 torr
  • OS : Windows XP or Windows 7
  • S/W Specification :

    - Reduced window : 320x240 pixel
    -TV mode : 640 x 480 pixel
    -Slow screen scan mode : 800x600 pixel
    -Photo screen capture mode I: 1280 x 960 pixel
    -Photo screen capture mode II: 2560 x 1920 pixel
    -Photo screen capture mode III: 5120 x 3840 pixel
                    -Auto Brightness & Contrast Control
                    -Auto Focus Control
                    -Auto Gun Alignment & Filament SaturationControl
                    -Line width & angle Measurement
                    -Image format : BMP, TIFF, JPG files



EDS X-ray Detector, Thermo UltraDry

EDS X-ray Detector, Thermo UltraDry

We offer ESD detectors for X-ray microanalysis and high-throughput applications. Because no single component of this analysis is as critical to performance and accuracy as the X-ray detector, we recommend the liquid nitrogen free Thermo UltraDry.

  • Excellent energy resolution : 128eV FWHM
  • Light element detection down to Beryllium on selected models
  • High count rate > 750,000 cps (100k cps - SEM)
  • No Liquid Nitrogen, Peltier cooling


SEM Images

Polymer Membrane

Table Top SEM







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