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Photovoltaics > Solar Module Tester



Available sizes 3.3x3.3m, 2x2m, 0.6x1.2m, 0.7x1.5m, 0.8x1.6m, 1.2x1.8m, 1x6m.



  • Measures IV characteristics of PV modules—maximum power, open circuit voltage, short circuit current—at standard test conditions (STC, IEC standard 60904-1)
  • Simulated sunlight spectrally filtered to AM 1,5 global, using Xenon flashlamps, intensity adjustable
  • Suited for laboratory measurements and integration into production lines
  • Temporal stability and spectrum at STC class A. Spatial uniformity +- 2-3%
  • AM filtering optional


Flash Duration 16ms, 10ms, 80ms


Current Ranges 20A, 30A


Voltage Ranges 0 – 200V 12 bit or 16 bit optional



Table Top Module


Module size available  0.8x16 (custom sizes available )


Flash Duration 10-18ms


Currenr Range 0- 20A


Voltage Range 0 -200V


Light source :

  • Xenon flashlamp, spectrally filtered to AM 1.5
  • Light intensity 800W/m2 - ca.1100 W/m2
  • No module heating duringmeasurement
  • Module sizes up to 80 cm x 160cm, class AAA


Data acquisition :

  • Measurement ranges: 0-200 V, 0-20 A or as desired (four ranges each, multiplier 1-2-4-8)
  • Data acquisition 12 bit, 16 bitoption
  • Generation of module serial number, classification of power, printout of measurement documents, module labels, data storage in data base. Client/project/order database, etc.


Measurement technology :

  • During the flash plateau, an electronic load scans the IV characteristic. Special option for high capacity modules, dark measurements or outdoor measurements
  • Measurement period ca. 10-80 ms (adjustable for high capacity modules)
  • Correction of data with respect to module temperature, irradiance. Target conditions STC or other desired test conditions




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