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UV-VIS-Fibre Optics Spectrometer

UV-Vis Fibre optic spectrometer, NIR Spectrometer , Reflection, absorption, Flouroscence, Emmision, Spectrophotometer, spectrum analyzer, Raman spectrometer, LASER Induced breakdown spectrometer.

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Fluorescence Steady State

Peltier Cooled Automatic 4 Cuvette Holder, in built magnetic stirring & N2 purging, solid samples & high pressure chambers for protein folding application, Parallel beam geometry for anisotropic samples.

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Fluorscence Lifetime

Fluorescene Intensity and lifetime imaging with Nikon Microscope, automated X-Y stage, PMT Detection, Excitation by Xe Lamp.

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Laser Raman Spectrometer

Laser raman Spectrophotometers Frequency stabilized Laser 785nm & 532nm laser. 500mW, cooled CCD array sensors

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Portable UV/VIS/NIR Spectroradiometer

Portable , Handheld UV/VIS/NIR spectroradiometer, remote sensing, Agriculture, forestry, Environmental, Geological, Mineral.

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Portable and High Speed IR Detector

Compact, portable and high speed interferometer based FT-IR spectrometers for use in remote sensing, industrial.

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Hyperspectral Camera

Spectral imaging spectrometers- Imaging by means of line scan cum stepper motor movements. Visible, NIR imaging cameras.

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Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

The ChemReveal LIBS Desktop Elemental Analyzer offers direct chemical analysis.

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