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Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, In Situ Measurement, Transmission, Reflection, Diode array sensors, Low & High Temp. Electrochemistry, EQCM, Variable Angle,T-Solar Stage for Si Solar Cells attachments.

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Optical Profilometer

Optical Profilometer - Digital Holographic Microscope measures roughness, step height, surface scratches, defects, etc. in few secondsmeasures upto 350 nm step height in real time with single laser and upto 14.5 micron.

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Thin Film Measurement System

Ttable top mapping and insitu version.Visible : 15nm to 70 um, 380nm - 1050nm UV : 1nm to 70um, 200nm - 1100nm NIR : 100nm to 250um, 950nm - 1700nm

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AFM/STM,Dynamic, EFM, MFM, Phase Contrast (Multimode), Nanolithography , Scanning thermal , Kelvin probe etc. AFM scanner 10um,70um,100um, 110um.

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