3D Live Cell Imaging Profilometer

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Biological Application



Transmission configured DHM is the ideal instrument for life science applications.. It provides quantitative phase measurements of living cell cultures.


With optical 3-D microscope you can measure 3-D images of organisms & cells,also record a live videoOne can get all the morphological details like height and concentration variations. Combining this instrument with fluorescence Using DHM in conjunction with a fluorescence module enables to combine High Content Screening DHM measurements with reference fluorescence assays, or for single cell analysis after segmentation.

There is no need of using any contrasting agent,fluorescent tag etc which affects the cell integrity what you want to observe.It will give you lateral resolution to 300nm.You will find data acquisition to be very  fast & technique is very insensitive to vibrations as whole of hologram can be recorded in single acquisiton.. It is easy to use.


  • Perform long time-lapse measurements thanks to the non-invasive DHM system
  • Use simplified measurement protocols thanks to the absence of cell preparation and of labeling
  • Retrieve new meaningful information on biological processes thanks to the highly valuable information from quantitative phase
  • Use the optional fluorescence module for performing multi-modal measurements
  • Discard less data point thanks to the digital auto-focusing
  • Do innovative research and publish in high ranked scientific journals

    It is very useful for  your various biological applicatons.You can keep  your cells in various medium, see its response & behaviour in various  medium.You can also see effect of toxicity on cells,along with information  on cell topography &  height measurements of cells.You can also view effect    of drug on cancer cells.

    Real time video Acquisition rate 30fps (optional up to 1000fps)

    Lateral resolution Objective dependent, down to 300 nm, 0.2nm (for any choice of objective)
  • 1. Apoptisis of cancer cells

    single layer of cancer cells can be put on glass slide, drugs of different concentration can be prepared,when apoptisis happens,water content moves out then other contents of cells move out,so there will be significant change in morphology,using our instruments one can get the information about intractions,height information & also record videos.

    2. Mitosis can be seen

    3. Healthy RBCs can be diffrenciated from defective ones,moment of RBC s under different ph can also be studied.

    4. Study of toxicity,radiations etc on mammalian cells,neuron cells etc can be studied.

    5. Combining Lyncee Tec with fluorscence.
    Fig 1   with lyncee tec                                                 Fig2 fluorscence

    One can record the infomation simultaneously of hologram & fluorscence.
    Fig 1 shows protein dense region
    Fig 1 shows calcium dense region
    using 1 single instrument you can extract data of these kind.

    6. Tracking proteins inside cells & seeing the morphological changes in same time.

    Tracking K14 proteins in mouse cells.

    7. One most important feature of this instrument is that the results obtained are  not average for entire population, but you can choose the cells using special software & also restrict the cells under observation,even if cells move out of focus,it can be brought into focus while doing reconstruction.

    8. Even bio mems can be done.

    Movement of fluids in different channels can be tracked.

    10. When any two immisible liquids are mixed together,velocities etc can be measured.


    Lyncee tec has innumerable no of applications.

    The most powerful tool about Lyncee tec is that one can track down to  single cell & bacteria instead of studying the entire population & reporting an average.

    11. Cell Reproduction

    Life science

    Living neuron
    Long time cell morphology change observation of neurons on stimulation

    Cell apoptosis

    Cell apoptosis
    Movie (1.75MB) - DIC extrapolation from DHM

    Single red blood cell (erythrocyte)

    Single red blood cell (erythrocyte)

    Red blood cells (erythrocytes)


    HEK cells

    HEK 293 cells



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