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Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer - IsoSORP

Sorption Analyzer in combination with Magnetic Suspension Balance


The heart of the IsoSORP® instruments is the Magnetic Suspension Balance for accurately weighing the sample material. Rubotherm's patented Magnetic Suspension Balance allows highly accurate weight measurements of samples in closed vessels to be performed. The sample is weighed from the outside and the suspension force is contactlessly transmitted from the pressurised measuring cell to a microbalance at ambient atmosphere. This means that mass changes of a sample in a closed reactor can be recorded even under extreme conditions with the utmost accuracy.


Unique features of the Magnetic Suspension Balances Technology - used in all IsoSORP Instruments


Contact free weighing under extreme conditions

The patented magnetic suspension coupling allows weighing in hermetically closed reactors. By separation of measurement area (sample) and weighing area (balance), damage or contamination of the balance caused by process media or experimental conditions can be avoided. The reactor is completely metal sealed and heated so that even highly aggressive or corrosive fluids or vapors can be used over a wide pressure and temperature range.


Excellent long term stability

The sample can be automatically disconnected from the balance at any time to re-tare or recalibrate the balance. Afterwards, the sample is reconnected to the balance and the measurement continued. This way, high precision long term measurements can be performed without any baseline drift or accuracy loss.


Simultaneous density measurement

With IsoSORP instruments the sample weight and the density of the process fluid can be determined in a single measurement. This is achieved by weighing a titanium sinker as second inert sample.


Modular construction
The Magnetic Suspension Balance can be easily adapted to new applications. Existing instruments can be updated with many functional modules. A large number of custom configurations has already been realized.


Technical Versions

The IsoSORP® instruments can be equipped with different versions of the Magnetic Suspension Balance with the following specifications:


Magnetic Suspension Balance Type Resolution Dynamic Weighing Range (Sample Mass)
A 10 0.01 µg 200 mg
A 100 0.1 µg 1 g
E 1 1 µg 10 g
E 10 10 µg 25 g


Application Examples for IsoSORP Sorption Analyzer


  • Adsorption Isotherms and Kinetics
    by Gas Physisorption and Chemisorption Measurements with Catalysts, Zeolites, Activated Carbon, Clay, Silica, Molecular Sieves
  • Surface Area and Porosity
    by Gas Physisorption, Density and Buoyancy Measurements with Catalysts, Zeolites, Activated Carbon, Clay, Silica, Molecular Sieves
  • Absorption and Solubilities
    by Gas Solubility Measurements in Polymers, Liquids and other Materials
  • Gas Storage
    Gas Storage Capacity Measurements with New and Classical Materials (Metal Organic Frameworks, Metal Hydrides, Carbon Nano Tubes, Ionic Liquids)
  • Diffusion and Permeation
    Measurements of Diffusion Coefficient of Ad- / Absorption Processes of Gases and Mixtures
  • Separations
    Measurement of the Selectivity of Mixed Gas Sorption
  • Temperature Programmed Desorption
    Determining Binding Energies or Heat of Adsorption by Desorbing Loaded Sample Material at Elevated Temperature
  • Thermogravimetry
    Introduction of new application areas for TGA by measurements under high pressure or with aggressive fluids and vapors.
  • Vapor Permeability and Diffusivity
    Measurements of Membranes, Packing Materials, Blisters and Foils
  • Wetting and Drying Processes
    of Pharmaceuticals, Construction Materials and Solid Fuels
  • Corrosion Studies
    of Alloys for High Temperature Applications in Power Plants or Gas Turbines
  • Filter Material Testing
    by Measuring the Capacity and Selectivity for Pollutants
  • Incineration or Conversion of Toxic
    Biological and Chemical Materials by High Temperature and/or High Pressure Vapor
  • Catalyst
    Sulphidation Processes, Coking and Lifetime Testing

    Balance and Dosing System

    A fully automatic IsoSORP® instrument is always a combination of the Magnetic Suspension Balance and a gas and/or vapor dosing system.

    Automatic Adsorption Absorption Dosing System

    This picture is just an example for a static or a flow system. The IsoSORP® instruments are always a combination of the Magnetic Suspension Balance (MSB Type E1, shown on the left side) and a dosing system (FlexiDOSE Type G-HP flow, shown on the right side).

    To choose the right instrument for your application please select the resolution of the balance and the dosing system in the table below.

    Please choose a temperature range under “Temperature Control” in this brochure.

    Magnetic Suspension Balance FlexiDOSE Gas and/or Vapor Dosing System
    MSB + Dosing System

    FlexiDOSE Selection Matrix

    IsoSORP Static

    Static dosing systems are pressure controllers in which all valves are closed (i. e. no gas flow) once the setpoint pressure is reached.
    Dosing System Pressure Range Media Special feature
    G-LP STATIC up to 1 bar gas UHV range
    G-HP STATIC up to 150 bar gas economic version
    G-HPII STATIC up to 350 bar gas metal block manifold
    G&V-HP STATIC up to 150 bar gas & vapor heated
    SC-HPII STATIC up to 350 bar gas & vapor supercritical fluids
    SC-HPIII STATIC up to 700 bar gas & vapor extended P-range
    G-MIX-HP STATIC up to 150 bar gas mixed gas sorption
    IsoSORP Flow Flow dosing systems are equipped with a dynamically working upstream pressure controller at the outlet of the balance reactor. The pressure in the flowing
    atmosphere is controlled by this setup.
    Dosing System Pressure Range Media Special feature
    G-LP FLOW up to 1 bar gas UHV range
    G-MP FLOW up to 50 bar gas economic version
    G-HP FLOW up to 150 bar gas 2-stage P-controller
    G-HPII FLOW up to 350 bar gas 2-stage P-controller
    G&V-LP FLOW up to 1 bar gas & vapor airbath heated
    G&V-MP FLOW up to 50 bar gas & vapor HPLC-pump dosing
    G&V-HP FLOW up to 150 bar gas & vapor HPLC-pump dosing
    G-MIX-MP FLOW up to 40 bar gas mixed gas sorption
    G-MIX-HP FLOW up to 150 bar gas mixed gas sorption
    Temperature Control

    A main advantage of the Magnetic Suspension Balance is its wide working temperature range. The IsoSORP® instruments can be operated in the sample temperature range between -196°C and 400°C. Four devices are applied to cover this wide range:

  • cryo-cooling with LN2 or LAr in a dewar vessel,
  • cold gas cooling with N2,
  • liquid thermostation
  • and electrical heating

  • The metal measuring cell is always thermostated by one of these devices. Depending on the temperature range of the measurement an appropriate device has to be located on the cell. Even during a measurement the devices can be changed without causing any change in the measuring fluid atmosphere. During the exchange the Magnetic Suspension Balance can be set to the zero position. After changing the thermostating device the measurement can be continued without baseline drift.

    Cryo - Cooling Cold Gas Cooling Liquid Circulator Electrical Heating
    Temperature Range -196°C (LN2 ) or -186°C (LAr) -150°C … +20°C -20°C … +150°C +50°C … +400°C



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