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Plasma system and Contact Angle Analysis Equipment

Contact Angle Analysis Equipment

Since the early 90’s AST has offered a complete line of contact angle systems ranging from the very basic to the completely automated. Through the VCA Optima series, the analytical technique of contact angle and surface energy has been transformed. This is achieved through the integration of a video imaging system, sophisticated software and precision mechanics. Our VCA systems provide quantitative, user independent, surface related information nearly instantaneously. As a function of the video capability, automatic, precise measurements are just a mouse click away. Real time images and data can easily be viewed, charted, stored for future reference or printed.

In addition to our popular VCA Optima series we also offer application specific systems such as the VCA-3000s for wafer surface analysis or the VCA-4600 series for flat panel surface analysis.


VCA Optima Series.

VCA-Optima Surface Analysis Systems

The VCA Optima series incorporates lightweight design, easy assembly, the latest Windows™ standards and user-friendly software to create a contact angle instrument that's accurate and easy to use. VCA-optima systems are suitable for research or quality control in R&D and processing engineering. Systems range from the basic Optima to the fully equipped Optima XE. Features include Dynamic capture capability, Motorized syringe, Surface energy analysis and Pendant drop analysis, to name a few

APPLICATIONS (include but not limited to) :

  • MEvaluate surface cleanliness and cleaning methods
  • Study adhesion, wetting behavior, bonding quality, surface treatments and coatings on fiber, fabric, polymer, semiconductor wafer, hard disk, flat panel displays and biomaterials
  • Absorption Studies


  • Static and dynamic (time-based) contact angle, up to 60 frames/second
  • Advancing and receding contact angle
  • Surface energy analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Advanced numerical Pendant Drop surface tension analysis
  • Multiple liquid dispensing (with STS 5 syringe dispenser, optional)
    Precision hardware and advanced calculation models ensure measurement accuracy of contact angle to less than 0.1 degree and that of surface tension measurement to less than 0.5 dyne/cm.


  • High-resolution video camera with powerful lens system for fine image focus
  • Solid state lighting for sharper and brighter images
  • High-end PC standard with high-performance video board for advanced image capture and fast results
  • Three dimensional adjustable stage for accurate sample position
  • Standard motorized syringe for XE model
  • Single control box for easy set up
  • Small footprint requires less counter space
  • 15" TFT Flat Screen monitor (XE Model)

  • Complete surface analysis software package
  • Windows™ XP or Windows NT based with enhanced tool bar control
  • Wizard assisted dynamic image capture, Pendant Drop analysis and calibration procedures
  • Graphical data charting, easy data storage and exporting accessories
  • Examples of some of the VCA Optima Series software features

    Dynamic Capture software at 60 Frames/sec.

    DataView Software - Charting and Graphing Software

    Pendant Drop/Surface Tension Software


  • Film sample clamp
  • Environmental chamber
  • Heated environmental chamber
  • Tilting stage
  • Heated syringe
  • Multiple dosing system (holds up to 5 syringes)
  • Motorized syringe system (standard for XE)

  • VCA-3000 Series for Water Surfacr Analysis.

    Semiconductor/Wafer System

    VCA-3000S 300mm stage

    VCA-3000S Wafer Surface Analysis Systems are specially design for use in semiconductor wafer processing quality control. The system provides quick and accurate contact angle/surface energy analysis on wafer surface to evaluate adhesion, cleanliness and coatings. The syringe mechanism can be raised for easy loading and unloading eliminating the possibility of wafer damage.

    Although the system was designed for wafer surface analysis it is also a useful tool for any application that requires a large stage. Samples sizes up to 12"W x 12"L x .75"H can easily be accommodated by this system


  • Coating assessment of the HMDS process
  • Surface contamination detection
  • Adhesive and primer preparation
  • Coating uniformity
  • Coating quality
  • Surface cleanliness

  • High-resolution video camera with magnifying lens with high intensity LED lighting for precise image capture
  • 300mm rotating stage, allows access to all areas of the wafer
  • High-end PC standard with high-performance video board for advanced image analysis and video capture
  • Similar software package as our popular VCA Optima series
  • Window XP or NT Operating systems
  • 15" TFT Flat Screen Monitor

  • Automatic contact angle imaging and calculation
  • Dynamic droplet capture (movie viewing of droplets)
  • Surface energy (dynes/cm) analysis
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • Pendant Drop surface tension analysis
  • VCA-6000 Series for Flat Panel Surface Analysis.

    Semiconductor/Wafer System

    Flat Panel Display System

    The VCA-4600 Series Surface Analysis Systems for Flat Panel Display are specially designed to accommodate different panel sizes in the industry to evaluate surface conditions during manufacturing processes. Contact angle analysis provides a fast and accurate method for detecting cleanliness and coating problems prior to any full scale panel processing.


  • Determining the cleanliness of panels prior to processing
  • Coating assessment of critical HMDS priming
  • Adhesive and primer preparation
  • Quality Control


  • Unique stage design allowing robotic interface
  • Large substrate size stage allowing no-breaking panel analysis
  • Keyboard-control liquid dispensing, automatic image capture/data analysis and digital position readout
  • High-resolution camera and magnification lens with fiber optic light source for precise image capture
  • Pentium™ high-end standard PC and video capture card

  • Automatic contact angle imaging and calculation
  • Dynamic droplet capture (movie viewing of droplets)
  • Surface energy (dynes/cm) analysis
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • Pendant Drop surface tension analysis
  • Data Charting
  • Panel Mapping Display

  • Panel sizes range from 300x400mm to 1500x1800mm
  • Custom made systems are also available

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