Portable and High Speed IR Detector

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Hand Portable FT-IR Spectrometer

This hand portable, remote sensing field and industrial instrument is lighter and more versatile than our Model 101, which has served the research needs of scientists and engineers worldwide since 1991.



  • Lightweight, Single Package Design
  • Thermally Stabilized Interferometer
  • Embedded Pentium® PC Computer
  • USB, Ethernet, and VGA ports
  • Calibrated Output with Optional Thermally Stabilized Blackbody
  • "Through-the-Lens" Viewing of Targets
  • High Sensitivity and Throughput
  • Full sun readable LCD screen
  • Real-Time On-Screen Spectra and Math Processing
  • Runs on compact battery, 12 volt, or worldwide universal AC supply


  • Compact and highly portable
  • No need to carry added laptop
  • No need to plug into car or AC power
  • Ideal for emission and remote sensing
  • Proven design with demonstrated reliability


    Item Parametert Values Units Comments
    Spectral Range 2 -16 micrometers Standard IR
    Spectral Resolution (FWHH) 4 wavenumbers @ 2 µm, Standard, 1 sec. scan
    Size (WxDxH) 36x20x23 centimeters (14"x8"x9")
    Weight < 7 Kilograms (<15 pounds)

    Standard Equipment

  • Optical/Electronic module, including interferometer, drive & sampling electronics, embedded Pentium® PC computer, WinFT™ processing software running on Windows XP ™, USB, Ethernet, VGA, parallel and serial connections
  • Liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooled dual InSb/MCT detector and preamp (2-16 µm)
  • 1" Ø, 4.8° field-of-view (FOV) fore-optics with through-the-lens viewing
  • Worldwide AC supply and dual battery charger
  • 12 volt, 7 A-hr battery pack (2)

    Optional Equipment

  • Thermoelectrically stabilized blackbody (1" or 2" diameter)
  • 2" or 4" telescopes
  • Diffuse gold plate for down-welling radiance measurements
  • Pouring dewar (4 liter), tripod

    Turbo FT™: Fast Portable Spectral Sensors

    This compact field and industrial instrument is used for both ground based and airborne applications requiring high speed spectrometry, and utilizes our patented Turbo FT™ technology. Applications in remote sensing for geological mapping, airborne chemical agent detection, and online process control systems. Our rugged and compact design allows you to "Take It There".



  • Rapid Scanning of 25-100 spectra/sec
  • Rugged high throughput interferometer
  • Sensor weight < 4 kg
  • Portable "lunchbox" computer
  • Real-time output
  • Instrument control software, including ratio and difference math functions.


  • Enables monitoring of rapidly changing targets or processes
  • High speed scanning reduces influence of vibration
  • Compact size reduces associated packaging / mounting costs and weight


  • Airborne chemical plume sensing
  • Geological mapping
  • On-line process monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring and compliance

    Item Parameter Values Units Comments
    1 Scan Rate 25 - 100 spectra/sec. standard
    2 Detector 1 pixel Standard MCT
    3 Spectral Range 5-16 micrometers Standard (2.5-16 available)
    4 Spectral Resolution (FWHH) 4 cm¨¹ Standard
    5 Size¹ (WxDxH) 20X20X15 centimeters (8.0"x8.0"x6.0")
    6 Weight¹ <4 kilogram (< 9.0 pounds)
    ¹ Note 1 - Size and Weight shown based on Sensor only.
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