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Lab Assistant Family


Lab Assistant Family – 50 mm to 200 mm

  • Designed for University and Commercial R&D Centers
  • Small footprint
  • Upgrade path
  • Low cost


    Lab Assistant Features and Advantages


  • StereoZoom Microscope
  • 2 Manipulators
  • Probe Station
  • DC & HF/Microwave versions




    Double Sided Probing

    Both standard DSP for Emission Microscopy and SDSP (Simultaneous Double Sided Probing) for double sided devices



    Vacuum, Low Temperature & Crayo

    The SemiProbe manual cryogenic research station is built on a rugged powder coated steel frame with built in vibration isolation. This system is configurable for operation at a vacuum levels of either 10 -3, 10-4 or 10-6 torr (Depending upon pump system selection) and temperatures from 85K to 425K. Our standard system utilizes 4 externally controlled manipulators, however the  system is capable of mounting 6 manipulators if specified by the user. Probe tips on the manipulators are easily positioned and repositioned from outside the chamber during operation.



    Temperature control module
    Temperature Range: 85K to 425K
    Liquid Nitrogen Module
    Temperature Resolution: 0.1 degrees C


    Manual Probers

    probers have the wafer manually loaded, aligned and die to die movement is accomplished via manual hand controls


    Semiautomatic Probers


    PC/Software Driven

  • Wafer is manually loaded
  • Software “Wizard” walks operator thru 2-point alignment
  • Die index set
  • Prober automatically steps die to die until completed
  • Repeat process again

    Fully Automatic Probers

    Load a cassette, initiate system and automatically

  • Loads wafer (MH)
  • Aligns wafer (PR)
  • Probes wafer
  • Returns wafer to cassette and loads next wafer
  • Wafers
  • Diced die in waffle packs
  • Diced die on stretch frame


    PS4L – A perpetual field upgrade path



    PS4L - Optics

    Select a Microscope!

  •  StereoZoom ($)
  • Large Features
  • Pad Probing
  • Probe Card
  • HF/Microwave
  •  Compound ($$$)
  • Small Feature Probing
  • Laser Microsurgery
  •  Digital ($$$$)

    Specialty Probers

    Vacuum, Cryo & Ultra High Temperature Modules for PS4L

  • Up to 6 probes
  • Vacuum 10 -3 torr
  • 1,000° C for UHTM
  • 30 K Cryo module
  • Inert gas capable
  • Probes set before chamber closure

    Single Die, Packaged Parts, Wafers/Substrates – 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm,   125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm and larger


    Magnetic Stimulation System

    Controlled application of a magnetic force within 3 mm of the DUT.  Controlled in:

  • Magnet X, Y, Z, & theta
  • Stage X-Y, Z & theta
  • Microscope X,Y, and Z


    LEC – Localized Environmental Chamber

    Testing below the dew point requires a controlled dry atmosphere around the thermal system, probes and DUT (device under test).


    AVP – Automatic Vacuum Prober

    A fully Automatic vacuum probing system

  • Load locks for in and out bound wafer cassettes
  • modular to allow easy expansion
  • High Volume
  • High Thru put


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