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3nm resolution, 5 axis XYZ pi & theta motions, EDAX attachment, gold sputtering

  • Resolution upto 3.0 nm at 30 kV, SE Image, 10 nm at 3kV, SE Image
  • Accelerating voltage upto 0.5 ~ 30 kV
  • High Quality Imaging from TV mode to photo mode
  • Automatic Control Filament saturation, Brightness/Contrast, Focus and Gun Alignment
  • 5-axis Motorized Stage - Auto stepper motor type, microstep drive. (X, Y, Z, T, R-axis is optional)
  • ' Point & Go' Stage Manipulation Actual Vacuum Level Display upto 7.5 x 10-5 torr on both operation SW and LCD panel of main frame without full range gauge.
  • Various Detectors & Display Modes
  • User Hot Key & Report Generate a RTF-based MS Office document by one click
  • Rapid pumping, less than two minute
  • Fast operation with preset values
  • Automatic vacuum control
  • Automatic ventilation after coating
  • Easy adjustment of sample height
  • EDS X-ray Detector
  • BSE Detector



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