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Analytical measurement Services

FTIR - Spectrophotometer - Model Lambda S7600
Electrochemical Corrosion Analyser : CH Instruments Inc, Model CHI660E
AC Impedance  - Novocontrol GmbH -Neisys (10MHz) & Alpha (40MHz)- (Temperature facility will be added shortly)
Spectroscopic Thin Film Analyser - Filmetrics F40 UV vis
Laser Raman Spectrophotometer - Enwave Model  ProRaman L 
Absorption/Reflection/Emission Spectrophotometer - Ocean Optics Germany, Model - OceanHDX XR1
3D Profilometer - Filmetrics, Model P3D
NMR Ti/T2 Measurement - Xigo, 14 MHz NMR
LED based AAA Solar Simulator - G2V, Model Pico Variable
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrophotometer- (Available Shortly)
Imaging Spectrometer - Resonon - Model Pika II

Steady state Fluorescence

Electrochemical workstation – Model CH Instruments - CHI660E

Electrochemistry measurement services Voltametry,Impedance,Battery-testing,corrosion, Bulk electrolysis

FTIR Spectrophotome ter Model Lambda-  S7600S

FTIR sample measurement services
Absorption/Reflection/Transmission modes.

Novocontrol- Alpha Analyzer Dielectric Impedance analyser

Dielectric Impedance measurement services Permittivity’, Modulus’. Conductivity’ [S/cm], Specific Resistance’ [ohm cm], Tan [Delta], Loss angle [Delta] [deg], Capacity Cp’ [F], Impedance Zp’ [ohm], Admittance Yp’ [1/ohm] etc

Xigo-NMR based surface area analyser

NMR T1/T2 Measurement – Xigo, 14 MHz NMR Surface area measurement services for Suspensions/Nanop- articles/powders dispersed in any protic- solvent

Spectroscopic  Thin Film Analyser - Filmetrics F40 UV vis

System with an integrated color video camera to monitor exact film thickness measurement spot. Thickness and index can be measured in less
than a second.

Laser Raman Spectrophotomet er - Enwave Model  ProRaman L

Raman sample measurement services

Raman spectrum for Solid, liquid, Thin Film can be measured

Spectrophotometer - Ocean Optics  - QEPro/S2000/USB2000

Spectrometer sample measurement services Measurement for Absorption/Reflection/Emission/DRS/  Fluorescence

Optical  Profilometer - Filmetrics, Profilm 3D

Optical  Profilometer – Filmetrics, Profilm 3D

Noncontact measurements for Thickness, roughness for sample can be done.

 LED based AAA Solar Simulator - G2V-Pico Directed

Measurement services for IV measurement for Solar cells etc available.

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrophotometer(LIBS)-LTB- Arylle (Available Shortly)

Laser Induced
Breakdown Spectrophotometer(LIBS)-LTB- Arylle (AvailableShortly)

Measurement services for Elemental Analysis available Types of samples- Gem stone impurity, trace metal
analysis, Soil testing , Testing of forensic

Hyperspectral camera - Resonon - Model Pika II

Measurement services to get
Data Cube for sample Ananlysis
Indoor and Out door.

Types of samples- For Indoor
sample testing- soil, vegetation,
plastics , polmers etc
Out door- Any objects, buildings,
fields etc with a stage scanner

4 probe Surface resistivity

Measurement services for Sheet Resistance Measurement..

System can  measure the sheet resistance of a thin layer or substrate in units of ohms per square by forcing current through two outer probes and reading the voltage across the two inner probes.

Types of samples-

Thin Flims, coating, Solar cells, conducting Flims etc

Dielectric AC Impedance

Raman Microscope

8 channel button cell battery cycle

NMR based stability Tester

Electrochemical Analyser

LED based Solar simulator cum EQE

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