Multi Channel CV

Multipotentiostat, Cyclic & Linear Sweep Voltammetry Pulse techniques, Amperometric i-t, 8 channels, 8 individual WE, RE & CE

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Fluoroscence Steady State / Lifetime

Galvo Scanners/Piezo stage, 2,4,8,16 channels, FLIM either by TCSPC or by Fast Film Frequency domain (512x512 in 1fps), FCS/FFCS, PCH - Acqiring & anlyzing data, kinetic , number of particles, brightness, particle tracking & cross correlation.

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Confocal Systems

ALBA is a dual channel spectrometer that couples a scanning confocal microscope with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) measurements optimized for both single-photon and multi-photon excitation.

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3D Live Cell Imaging Profilometer

Online 3D Holography with sub nanometer height changes , 400 fps live cell imaging FOV10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, etc. Cell height/ poisoning studies, fluorescence attachments, cell divions, multiplication.

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Peltier Cooled Automatic 4 Cuvette Holder, in built magnetic stirring & N2 purging, solid samples & high pressure chambers for protein folding application, Parallel beam geometry for anisotropic samples.

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Raman Spectrometer

Laser raman Spectrophotometers Frequency stabilized Laser 785nm & 532nm laser. 500mW, cooled CCD array sensors

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