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CPS Particle Sizer

Particle Size Distribution
Size Range : 5nm – 50um 
Centrifugal force based
Blue/Red LED source with detector
Measurement time ~ 2min
Rotation speed 1200/1800/2400 rpm

The CPS Disc Centrifuge is an excellent tool for particle size analysis of
virtually any material between 5 nm and 75 µm. It can be used in a very wide
range of particle sizing .
 5nm and 50 microns 
 effective response time of ~0.1 second
 Completely separates narrow peaks that differ by as little as 2%.
 precision of reported sizes with internal standard is better than ± 0.25%

Nano Particle Size Analysis

DC12000/DC18000/DC24000UHR (rpm), higher roation speed faster
measurement time, important to measure particle in lower size ranges of
particles in few nm
All the particles are getting separated one another due to centrifugal force and
different masses based on size and density as per Stokes law. Unlike other
instrumentation, particles crosses LED/sensor one by one and are measured.

DLS vs centrifuge
DLS is faster gives results in few seconds but assumes all particles are
spherical, assumes sample has Gaussian distribution, more than 2 size
particles algorithm is complicated. Low resolution.
Centrifuge based systems are very high resolution, two different peaks are
observed if particles are few nm apart. Particles are separated and measured
one by one, mixture of many sizes- no problem. Experiments are time
consuming takes few min, needed prior knowledge of density of particle


  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemicals
  • Ink, Toner & Paint
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Industrial Chemicals

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