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LIBS-Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometer

High-resolution Echelle spectrometer ARYELLE 200 with ICCD detector and PC controlling with comfortable software, Sample Chamber “LIBSPECTOR” for sample handling Compact and robust Nd:YAG laser at 1064nm integrated in the LIBSPECTOR housing ARYELLE 200 ARYELLE 200 is inexpensive echelle spectrometers with fibre coupling for different CCD-, EMCCD und ICCD image detectors. They are characterized by a high sensitivity and a high imaging quality. The dispersion unit with grating and prism can be easily configured for different applications. The spectrometer features a compact design without any moving parts. The patented optical design applies – apart from the prism for the separation of the grating orders – mirror optics only, in order to minimize transmission losses over the total spectral range from the UV to the NIR.

ICCD Spectrometer – Aryelle 200

Wavelength range 205 – 800 nm, Typical Spectral resolving power 8000, Spectral resolution 25.6 pm– 100 pm Minimum Spectral resolving power 7500, Focal length 200 mm Aperture f/10, Slit width 40 µm. Detector ICCD Andor iStar 334-18F-03, 1024 x 1024 Pixel, 13 µm x 13µm Gate width 5 ns Dynamic range 15 bit, AD conversion 16 bit, Light coupling Fiber SMA, Wavelength calibration Spectral lamp Hg Wavelength accuracy better than spectral resolution/4 Dimensions without detector (LxWxH) (260 x 160 x 185) mm, Weight without detector 7.3 kg,

Sample chamber LIBSPECTOR, Application fields of the ARYELLE 200 are the material and elemental analysis by means of laserinduced plasma / breakdown, Raman spectroscopy and several other spectroscopic methods. Due to its compact design it is well suited for the industrial process control as well as for applications requiring a transport between various measuring sites. The systems offered, consist of a high-resolution echelle spectrometer ARYELLE 200, an ICCD camera as detector, PC, monitor and a mercury calibration lamp for the calibration.

The easy-to-operate controlling and evaluation software Sophi nXt developed by LTB controls all spectrometer and detector functions and manages the measurement sequence control. After assigning the raw data to the corresponding wavelengths, all lines of the spectrum are automatically analyzed with an integrated database containing 50.000 lines. If possible, the lines will be specified and assigned to the corresponding elements. The database can also be edited and extended by the user. The database is based on the "Strong Lines of the NIST Spectra Data Base". For a quantitative measurement, calibration standards are required which must be specifically adapted to your sample composition. The optional SophiServer allows the complete access to all spectrometer functions and the incorporation into in-house software applications. Sample programs facilitate the incorporation and reduce the development effort. The auto-calibration function allows an easy and fast automatic
calibration of the system by means of the calibration lamp that is included in the delivery.

The laser light will be focused on the sample by lenses. The in coupling of the plasma light is solved by a toroidal mirror and fibre. The sample as well as the focusing of the laser onto the sample can be observed by means of an integrated video camera. A universally replaceable sample holder makes the fixation of sample of different sizes on a motorized xyz- table possible (sharp picture corresponds to the laser focus). Re-focusing is not necessary for plane samples, since the surface of the sample is
always in line with the focus level. Components: • Mirror optic for ignition and emission light • Optic optimized for 1064nm laser ignition • Fibre coupling for optional attachment of other spectrometers •
adjustment laser 635nm for spot identification • video monitoring with integrated CMOS colour industrial camera 2560x 1920 pixel • Motorized xyz- stage travel range: X = 155mm, Y = 95mm, Z = 50mm typical resolution: 5 µm Repeatability: ± 10 µm • Laser class 1 housing with interlock circuit for safe handling • Joystick 5/6 Laser A compact and rugged Nd:YAG laser is a well-fitting excitation source for LIBS. The resonator allows an excellent focusing, also in distances, and offers a reliable and stable excitation source to the user. With its properties it is convenient for scientific use as well as for “real-world” applications. Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser: Wavelength: 1064 nm Pulse energy: 100 mJ Pulse width typ.: 6 – 8 ns Repetition rate: 1 – 20 Hz The laser will be integrated in the LIBSPECTOR, aligned and ready-to-use.

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