Particle Size Analyzer

3nm to 40um metallic particles, 10nm to 40um non-metallic particles.Centrifugal force based, 12000, 18000, 24000 RPM. Variety of solvent.

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CNT/ Graphene Synthesis

Carbon nanotube synthesis in 3 different versions basic, premium andprofessional. Self contained unit for synthesis of CNT, Graphinesynthesis, CVD

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Surface Area Analyzer/Stability Tester

NMR based Method, T1 (longitudinal) and T2 (transverse) relaxation times can be measured, no assumption regarding particle size, automatically determines volume fraction of solids in dispersion. No sample preparation, No clean-up, Small xootprint, Portable, Robust, No moving parts, Simple to use.

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Digital Goniometer / Contact Angle

Digital goniometer is used to determining contact angle, surface cleanliness, bondability, wettability, adhesion, biocompatibility and coating quality. IIt is also used for wafer surface analysis.It is used to study the coatings on fiber, fabric, polymer, semiconductor wafer, hard disk, flat panel displays and biomaterials.

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Nanodrop Lithography

70um spots of piloliter volume, xyz range 50x50mm, Sample preparation,user defined solution dispensing pattern, software.For making high density and high accuracy solution arrays.

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Universal Nanomechanical Testing System

Nano & micro indenter, vickers, Berchovich, ball type indentation, few uN to 2000mN load, high resolution scratch/ wear testing, intergrated AFM.

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