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Charge cyclers for automobiles


Power processing & DC componenet test system

Webasto Power Processing systems products. Which used for battery performance by vehicle manufacturers, certifying agencies, battery AC/DC manufacturers. The instruments application includes

  1. Battery Cycle Testing – charge/discharge
  2. Hardware loop in testing – Power requirement of each components
  3. Drive cycle testing-  USABC , federal motor vehicle test & European standrards (Indian will also be included)

General advantages

Units are smaller, produce less noise, supplied with wheels one person can push it to the place where required. Tested for 10days continuous usages. It is also supplied as single unit  not as stacks. Known for reproducible results. Instrument is connected to computer via serial port and optional  Individual cell monitoring. System also contains isolation transformer.

Loop in test

Our power processing products are capable of a wide variety of testing and development applications with the flexibility to implement virtually any drive cycle for the electric, hybrid electric and fuelcell vehicle.  In recent years with electronics and vehicle systems becoming more complex our equipment is typically being used for hardware in loop testing for vehicle development.  High voltage and high current system meets any type of vehicle requirements.

Battery Pack Cycle testing

Instrument has bi-directional  flow facility means while discharging AV systems takes power from your system and the same power is given back to your battery. The heat generated during  power lose due to charge/discharge is dissipated by internal water circulation. No air means less noise. Internal water circulation means no need for water taps. Response time is very fast with 10ms.

Drive cycle testing
One can perform any standard drive cycle test. Instrument is supplied with programs to
simulate USABC and Federal Motor Vehicle test standards. To modify any changes scripting
programs are provided. One can easily add or modify.

Drive Cycle Testing

  Plot of Cycle File

LabView or other software that can control the ABC units. GE worldwide currently using many of our systems, GE India (Bangalore) has several ABC-150’s and MT-30’s, while GE USA (New York) has several ABC-150’s.

    Instrument Block Diagram

American automotive companies are using AeroVironment’s equipment as a battery simulator in hardware-in-loop testing.  Diagram attached. Also attached the drive cycle testing. One can also use a software simulation programs (i.e. MATLAB), to model the energy storage device characteristics (battery, fuelcell or ultra cap).  These programs are then transmitted thru a CAN bus to control AV’s equipment to perform as the energy source in the loop.


MT -30
Dual Channel Charge Cycler
5 to 120V
Independent 330A/ Parallel 500A
Power 30kW
Discharge 99% efficiency
Power dissipated to grid
Pack tester- Two-wheeler


Two Channels Charge Cycler

264A Independent /530A parallel
Discharge995 effectively
Pack Tester Cars/SUV


Two Channels Charge Cycler
+ 8 -900V
500A Independent/1000A Parallel
Pack tester for trucks/buses
Discharge Efficiency– 99%
Regenerative ( back to grid)


Two Channels Charge Cycler
+ 8 -900V
500A Independent/1000A Parallel
250kW (extendable to 1MW)
Pack tester of trucks
Discharge Efficiency– 93%
Regenerative ( back to grid)

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