Basics of Corrosion with electroplating

Sinsil International Pvt. Ltd. welcomes you to join in a special webinar on Basics of Corrosion with electroplating & demonstration (11 JUNE 2021, FRIDAY, 11:00AM IST).

The following topics would be covered:11:00-11:40 hrs: Basics and application of corrosion by Dr.A.S.Khanna(Ex-Prof. IIT Mumbai, Consultant SECC lab,300+ publications)11:40-12:00 hrs: Application of electrochemistry in electroplating by Dr.Haritosh Mishra(Ph.D. IIT Kanpur, Post Doc Versae France, GM-Growel)12:00-12:30 hrs: Corrosion and impedance measurement demonstrations & data analysis12:30-12:45 hrs: Question & Answer session

The highly intuitive webinar will enlighten all participants.

Please click the link to join: Register

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