Download Brochure Measure Reflectance and Transmittance Simultaneously   The F10-RT reflectometer measures reflectance and transmittance spectra with a single mouse-click. For a fraction of the price of legacy reflectometry systems, this reflectometer and transmittance instrument can measure min/max and color. Optional thickness and index measurement modules provide access to all of the analytical power of the Filmetrics® F20. Data can be exported and printed easily.

Model Specifications:

Model  Thickness Range  Wavelength Range
F10-RT 15nm - 70µm** 380-1050nm
F10-RT-UV 1nm - 40µm** 190-1100nm
F10-RT-UVX 1nm - 150µm** 190-1700nm
F10-RT-NIR 100nm - 150µm** 950-1700nm
F10-RT-EXR 15nm - 150µm** 380-1700nm
*film stack dependent **thickness & index solving are optional The Filmetrics F10-RT includes following accessories for measurements:
  • Integrated Spectrometer/Light Source Unit
  • FILMeasure 9.0 software
  • Fused silica reflectance standard
  • Silica reflectance standard
  • Anti-reflector
  • Lens Paper
  • BK-7 reference material
  • Connecting cables
Common Optional Accessories
  • Thickness Measurement Software Upgrade
  • Index Measurement Software Upgrade

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