F40 Microscope-based Film Thickness Measurement Instrument

Download Brochure The F40 product family is for applications that require a spot size as small as 1 micron. For most microscopes the F40 simply attaches to the Cmount adapter, which is the industry standard for video camera mounting. The F40 thickness measurement instrument comes complete with an integrated color video camera that allows exact monitoring of the film thickness measurement spot. Thickness and index can be measured in less than a second. Like all of our tabletop film thickness measurement instruments, the F40 connects to the USB port of your Windows® computer and sets up in minutes.

Model Specifications:

Model  Thickness Range  Wavelength Range
F40 20nm - 40µm 400-850nm
F40-UV 4nm - 40µm 190-1100nm
F40-EXR 20nm - 150µm 400-1700nm
F40-NIR 100nm - 120µm 950-1700nm
F40-UVX 4nm - 120µm 190-1700nm
F40-XT 0.4µm - 250µm 1440-1690nm
* Material and objective dependent   The Filmetrics F40 includes following accessories for measurements:
  • Integrated Spectrometer/Light Source Unit
  • FILMeasure 9.0 software
  • FILMeasure standalone software for remote data analysis
  • Fibre Optic Patch Cable
  • TS-Focus-SiO2-4-10000 Focus/Thickness standard
  • MA-Cmount microscope adapter with Cmount fitting
  • BK7 Reflectance standard
  • Connecting cables 
Common Optional Accessories:
  • StageBase-XY10-AUTO100MM
  • Multi Value Thickness standard 
  • NIST-Traceable Thickness Standard
  • SS-Microscope-UVX-1
  • SS-Microscope-EXR-1

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