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10A0  to 3mm Film Thickness Measurement 

In just one click, we can measure thin film thickness by analyzing how the film reflects lights. By measuring light not visible to the human eye, films as thin as 1nm and as thick as 3mm can be measured and because there are no moving parts in our film thickness measurement instruments results are available in seconds. Not only film thickness one can measure color, refractive index, roughness value.


Thickness Range 1nm – 150µm
Wavelength Range 190-1700nm
Simultaneous reflectance and transmittance
Measure min/max and color.


Thickness Range 50nm – 70µm
Wavelength Range 380-1050nm
single and multiple layers
Automobile Lighting
Primer/hard coat

F20 Series Film Thickness Measurement Systems

Thickness Range 1nm – 250µm
Wavelength Range 190-1700nm
Thickness and refractive index
general-purpose film thickness measurement instruments

R50/R54-Series Sheet Resistance Mapping

The 4PP contact four-point probe configuration is recommended for thin metal and ion implant layers, and the non-contact Eddy Current (EC) probe is recommended for thicker metal layers and soft or flexible conductive surfaces

Inline Thickness Monitoring

Monitor and control thickness of moving films during production. Sample rates as high as 100Hz are possible at multiple measurement locations.

F40 Microscope-based Film Thickness Measurement Instrument

Thickness Range 4nm – 250µm
Wavelength Range 190-1690nm
For spot size as small as 1 micron.
Microscopes attaches to the C mount adapter
Exact monitoring of the film thickness measurement spot.
Thickness and index measured in less than a second

F30 Thickness Measurement Instrument Series

Thickness Range 3nm – 450µm
Wavelength Range 190-1690nm
Monitoring Thin-Film Deposition
Measure deposition rates, film thickness
optical constants (n and k), and uniformity of semiconductors and dielectric layers in real-time

F3-sX Film

The F3-sX family measures semiconductor and dielectric layers up to 3 mm thick. Such thick layers tend to be rougher and less uniform than thinner layers, which the F3-sX counters with a 10-µm-diameter measurement spot. With it the F3-sX family easily measures materials that are impossible to measure with other instruments.


Thickness Range-
100nm – 15µm/100nm – 30µm/200nm – 15µm/200nm – 30µm/

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